How it all began

Jay and Kara’lynne started teaching in 2001 in their Saint Petersburg, FL home. Within two and a half years, their bible study group grew to over 30 people.

God called them to take their bible study to the chapel at “God’s News behind The News” where they worked hand in hand with Jay’s father, Dr. Ray Brubaker, for another two an a half years. While there, Jay and Kara’lynne worked with missionaries throughout, India, China, Israel, Haiti, Peria, and Ecuador.

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, they knew that Saint Petersburg, Fl was their mission field.

The Birth Of Positive Impact Church

April 2007 Positive Impact Church was born. The property at 2750 34th Street South was purchased to start the move that God had planned for all eternity. In going through the steps to purchase the property, a title search was conducted, and it was discovered that the property had originally been zoned for a church and school and was named Faith Fellowship Subdivision 23 years earlier. Who would have ever dreamed that God was going to use a popular Chinese restaurant site to become a church?

Starting with 11 other people who desired to follow Jesus, Jay and Kara’lynne were on their way to make a difference in the lives of those around them. They met in the former restaurant until they were able to make the necessary renovations to the building to create a nursery and classrooms for the preschool and grade school. Positive Impact Church has taken risks to follow God. That’s what it means to follow Jesus as a church. What has happened over the last 5 years can best be described by saying, “Only God”.

Excited About The Future

We can’t wait to see what Christ does in the next 5 years through His Church! To be His Church is an invitation of a lifetime and we hope you become a part of this greater story…His story.